Monday, November 19, 2007

Another Day

We went to a craft show and Santa was there so I had a picture taken of Matthew and I sitting on poor ole Santa's lap! Santa told Matthew he was pulling on his beard! I don't think you can tell from the picture but santa's suit is camo! It was great to have him and his girlfriend Rebecca

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I give up

I give up, it is just one of those days, weeks, months I guess where 2 steps forward 10 steps back.
My canon camera died and I sorely missed it! We went to have picture made from the disc and I did not go to Ritz like I usually do I went to a place in Fayetteville and asked that they make me a disc of the pictures! I can't open the @**% disc up! I am going to have to now go back to Ritz which is in Raleigh and get a disc made of the pictures. I have to send the camera back to Canon to fix it! There is something wrong with a chip in the camera and it is covered by a recall so I will send it in. Meanwhile I guess I will have to figure out how to use the other camera, and how to download pictures! Means I will have to put more software on my computer. Gene says my computer is going to explode with all the software on it now! It just ticks me off, I told the lady I wanted a disc of the pictures to use on my computer and I have no idea what program she used! I can't download the pictures
Well how has every one been. We are good here. I should have gone to get my shots today but will wait until tomorrow and do the whole run around at the same time. I am still trying to find a place to stay in CT for Noah's christianing! It's going to be expensive any way I look at it I tried calling this one B & B in Watertown and the number has been changed then it was changed to unlisted! Hum what is going on there. I guess I need to go on post and check and see if they have any suggestions!
I am knitting on a shawl/stole for a yarn company need to get some more done and pictues taken soon! I have been helping a couple ladies learn how to knit socks. Last night we just worked on casting on. We had fun! My sweater is coming along hopefully I will get pictures of it up one day! After I get a new disc made that is!
The weather can't make up it's minds if we are going to be hot or cold, we just need some rain!
Last weekend Gene took me to Camp Macaw (not sure if that is how you spell it) The camp is part of Fort Bragg, we walked around. He is writting an article and a book on the Camp. It has some very interesting history! They use to train glider pilots there and that is where Special Forces does there thing. Alot of memories for him, I didn't know we where going there so I really didn't have my hiking boots or socks on! Next time I will! We walked for about 2 hours or so, he explained where things use to be. They have tore down all the old buildings. Shame! He did find someone who had alot of pictures of the camp and gliders. I love history and this is something alot of people would never see or know! So much has gone on behind scenes that we never know exist! The special oops department on Fort Bragg does publish a magazine quartly that is very good and it tells about the different groups and what they did and were they where, that is things that have been declassified! Anyone can get the magazine. I enjoyed the walk and could see the men 50 60 years ago walking the same paths that I did, I could stand where the parachute rigging buildings where and see the guys packing parachutes! At the landing fields you could image the planes and gliders and the guys jumping, good imagations huh!
I don't have any pictures since they are on the %&%* disc, so I will have to wait to post any pictures. Next time, there will be pictures!
Everyone have a good Thanksgiving. I will have 2 of the 3 boys and 1 of the 2 grandsons for Thanksgiving, I am thankful for that! Just remember my little boy (and you know who you are) Mom loves you and you will always be my little boy no matter what even though you are the biggest pain in my rear end!
Take care everyone. Love to all my friends and enemies, love you boys! Mom

Saturday, October 13, 2007

What's been going on

Just a quick update as to what has been going on, No pictures this time hopefully next time. Last Saturday the 6th we went to the air show at Pope Air Force Base. We had a grand time! I love airplanes we didn't have any problems getting to the Base, Gene had lots of memories to relive! Of all the times he had to wait for his turn to jump or go where ever he wasn't going. Saturday was very cloudy to start off with that we didn't think that the clouds would lift so the planes could fly. We knew that the Golden Knights wouldn't be jumping because of the clouds but at 12:30 they did let the planes start to fly but they didn't get to go up high which was disappointing. The War Hogs didn't get to fly, Gene loves those planes, those are the old war planes. They are neat planes but they don't fly as fast as the new planes. The Thunderbirds did fly at 3. I was surprised to see that there where 2 women flying the planes. The Thunderbird show was good but I still like the Snowbirds air plane show, their show is much better. More planes, faster, better flying! Not that the Thunderbirds show wasn't good... When the show was over it took us 2 hours to get back to our car! To get to the air field you cannot just drive there you have to park on the army post and then catch a bus to the air field. To get to our car was horrible someone forgot to tell the air force how to get all the people back to their cars! No one knew where our line for our bus was to start so one person took it upon himself to get our line started in the correct place. After that it wasn't a problem. I swear there was alto of upset people that day!
After the show we went out to eat at the local German eater! While we where there an older gentleman came in and introduced us to his nephew, who just happen to be #7 for the Thunderbirds. A little exciting for us, then we where given 2 VIP tickets for the Thunderbird tent on Sunday. Now we weren't planning on going to the air show on Sunday, I wanted to go but knew Gene had a paper due on Sunday so I didn't think we would be going but we did. Happy Happy!
Now getting to the air field on Sunday was another question! It took us at least 45 minuets to get to the field, the clouds where high so the planes could fly high and fast. We missed the Golden Knights jump but I did get to see one of the men. The VIP tent was neat we where right across from the Thunderbird planes so we got to see all the pilots up close and front! Gene got alot of pictures of the sky! We have a new camera and he didn't practice using it before we to the show. We still have to figure out how to use it. He did get some good pictures though that I will picture later. Gene got to see the War Hogs up close and they flew it was exciting. We checked out the other planes and went about watching the planes. Leaving the show was another question again. It was more organized but the lines where very long and it did take us over 2 hours to get our bus! It was worth it though. This was to be the last show at Pope! The Army will take over the base due to the realignment so the air field will belong to the Army.
I did get to see an old friend that I use to work with. It was nice seeing her again. Gene ran into someone he knew from his days in the Army and then we ran into 2 people from the SF team house. Strange who you run into in the unlikely places. I love watching the planes they go so fast they your heart catches. I did wear ear plugs. If I wanted to hear I had to wear them. When you are that close to so many planes one can barely hear. The Army had some of their equipment there. Jeeps, mortar shooters, their backpacks, (I know that's not what they are called!) The medics had their set ups, there was some older planes and helicopters that you could go through! Of course we tried to check everything out but ran out of time both days! We where both tired. We both got a little red on Sunday. We did get the grand boys and me some souviers. Couldn't leave without an airplane or two or a new hat! Yes, I will wear a ball hat! Especially if we ride in the Mustang with the top down! Wearing the hat blow the boys away! Mom isn't the same person! I must say I am much happier!
Before I forget I got to tell you something funny! For some reason people don't think I am as old as I am. Well I went to have lunch with Matthew (He is my youngest son) at his new job last Friday after the Bernina meeting. I meet some of the people he works with inside they are nice people. I hope things will work out for him there for awhile. Anyhow Matthew called me this week and said I couldn't come back to his work, (Joking) he said they (guys outside who I didn't meet) thought that I was his girlfriend! That was a hoot!! When he told them I was his mom they didn't believe him, they said I looked to young to have him for a son, he is 26! (I was laughing quietly), He kept telling them that I was his mom then they asked for my phone #. (Still laughing) He sounded a bit beside himself, he said I told them that you where my mom not my girlfriend and that they couldn't have your phone # because she was married! (trying to just snicker after that). They never had experience that before! I have changed some, alot in many ways, I carry myself some what differently, take a little better care of myself, smile more, dress better ( I don't wear clothes 2 sizes to big for me), I have been wearing alot of skirts, I love full flowing skirts, I like to twill around in them. Still a little girl at heart. The guys where Gene works still don't believe there is just 2 years difference in our age! Food for thought for them! Makes me feel good sometimes. Gene calls me his babett! I laugh I don't see myself as that! Too long of a story..
That has been our excitement for the month so far. Gene is writing his last short paper for his master's program and answered his last questions this week. He is still working on the paper, it has to be turned in tomorrow and I still have to read it! It looks like we go to Vermont in June. After tomorrow I hope to get him started working on plane tickets to Ct for Noah's christening which is going to be the 23rd of December. I am really not looking forward to the Holidays this year with all the garbage that has been going on! I know Thanksgiving will be here and as far as I know Gene's mom will be her, Matthew and hopefully Chris, Kacie and Master Noah! I am standing my ground I am not going to be the one to call Ricky! It is a Gene's said and I have to agree with him as does some others, Ricky should have talked to Gene instead of talking to me saying what he did. It should have been the two of them talking and getting things talked through. Gene was going to talk to him but Ricky was gone then.... enough I still don't understand why my family thinks that it is okay to do me wrong and that I have to forgive and forget when I am accused of something I haven't done or said or better yet when someone has said something ugly or wronged me! I was told that should be "water under the bridge" and I need to move on! I am not perfect but I am human and do have feeling and I am so, so tired of walking on egg shells as not to upset some people. But it is perfectly okay for them to talk trash about me behind my back or take things or just da**** it be ugly! Life is just too short and you all have heard me rant enough about this situation.
I went to have my allergy test done on Friday the 12th. 73 shots later I was off the charts and will start 4 allergy shots twice a week for a few months and work down to just 2 shots once a week! That doesn't sound like fun but if it will keep me well I will do it. My poor right arm looks a mess with all the red welts and they itch and I can't scratch! I am allergic to everything in the air, (which I knew) grasses, weeds and some trees are the worse! Mold is bad, mites, I had to go out and buy covers for the mattress and pillows, dust, (Molly Maids every 2 months) cigarette smoke bad and what surprised me the most was that I was highly allergic to cats. I have always had a cat until now. Our last cat "Sunshine" was a character. The dogs knew he ruled the house and yard and they gave him wide berth! He was a yellow tabby, fat thing. He loved to bring me presents and put them outside the front door! Mice! Urk! A dumb possum got in a fight with him and Sunshine was 12 and didn't have the fight in him like he use to and that possum was huge! Gene shot the possum! Sunshine didn't last long after that! It broke my heart to know he was gone, but he was buried next to Buster so I know they are looking after each other.
Well I have rattled on enough this time. We still haven't had any rain. The State Fair started this past Friday and we are to go on the 19th! Gene wants to go to the antique store at Cameron Village in Raleigh but I don't think we will make that also! I write more about the fair. Maybe we can take the little camera and take some pictures. We will see.
For those of you who have heard of Paul Potts, the English gentleman that blow away the talent search contest in England (Talent show, I can't remember the name it is like the one we have hear that I don't watch) I heard him first on you tube. He has a beautiful voice! When he sings it gives you chills. Paul has a CD out I didn't know it until I went to Walmart today, it is called "One Chance" The Cd is more than just great, He sings the "Music of the Night" from the Phantom, it is the best I have heard in a long time. Go buy the CD listen enjoy it is worth it! That will be all for now, take care, have a good week, boys, grand boys, mom grand mom loves you and you are always in my heart, mind and prayers. Bless you all!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Noah at the computer

I just had to post these 2 pictures of Noah. I got a good laugh out of them when I saw the pictures because Noah reminded me so much of his dad. I'll post more knitting and quilting another day. Enjoy the pictures. I have seen this look on his dad's face when he was little. Doesn't he look like he knows what he is doing. Chris says Noah loves to push buttons and chew on telephones. The little stinker knows the difference between the phone and TV turner if you place them side by side. I don't think Noah is going to crawl, he loves to stand up too much, I think he will just walk when he is ready. Janet enjoy the pictures. Love you boys Your Mom and Grandmom!

Friday, September 28, 2007

It's the end of September already

Someone sent this to me many years ago and I just found it. I put it up on my design board, hoping that it would make me finish a project before starting a new one. Yea! I bought McKnna Ryan's quilt kit "In Full Bloom" I went to Staples and had them make pattern sheets that I can cut up that way I won't mess up the orginal pattern. This quilt is going to be done just like my Army quilt that I am working on. Need to finish the Army quilt first.

I can't believe that October is just a few days away! Time has gone by fast. The State fair is just in a few weeks. I haven't entered anything in it again this year. Next year I hope to enter either my MS3 shawl, finished or my Army quilt! I also have a Flag quilt that I need to finish, forgot to take a picture of it. I have the strips done, I have 3 rows of the stars done and they are pinned on a mini design board. I have been working on this pair of socks for Gene, I had to find more of the yarn because I made the longer than the pattern said to, but then I never go by a pattern, Gene likes his socks long on his leg, army days, I have one just about finished! I just need more time in a day.

I am in a group on Yahoo called Noqquilt and we are exchanging Friendship stars, I have them pinned on my large design board. I am waiting for them to talk to me as to how they want to be arranged.

If I can get my mind too it I have about 10 purses that I have knitted/designed that I need to do finishing touches to. I have had most of these bags done for over 2 years. I just can't seem to set down and do the beading that I want to do. I have the beads and beads. I keep changing my mind what I want to do to them. Gene and the boys keep telling me to finish them and to sell them. A couple of them I have scarfs made to match them.

What has been going on here since I posted last: Gene is almost half way finished with this session of his master's program! He doesn't like this sessions to much. His boss at work is already on his case to start thinking about going for his doctorate! I think it is a good idea, but I think he needs a couple of months after he finishes this program to rest his weary brain. I must admit I have learned a lot these last 18 months. We have been watching the "War" program on PBS about WWII and alot of what he has written/learned about was there. Of course he already knew alot about WWII his father was in the Navy I believe during WWII! Gene grew up with the military, his father was in WWII and I know his dad did 2 tours in Vietnam in the Army Special Forces. I think his dad was in another war but I don't remember! I know he had 2 Uncles in WWI. We have alot of pictures and cards from his Uncle time in Europe during the war. Some of the cards are very neat!
I am doing okay, sinuses are driving me crazy, I have had a nasty headache all week. Plus I was trying not to step on the little dog and twisted my right leg, my driving foot for my sewing machine and car. The stupid thing has been swollen all week and hurts like heck! I go to the doctors on Tuesday so we will see. I don't think they will tell me to do anything except what I am doing now, keeping it elevated and on ice! I did finish the quilt for RaNae for her book. Charlotte had started it and couldn't get it finished so I finished it and I will put it in the mail tomorrow for her. I can't show you a picture of it since it will be in a book. I have been busy this week sewing the quilt and knitting.
Little Noah has 2 bottom teeth now and the top 2 are trying to come through. I have a new picture of him, Chris sent me some pictures from snapfish and I ordered them. I don't have any way to post the picture. I am going to e-mail Chris to send me the picture though. John David turned 3 on Sunday the 21st, no I didn't get to go to his party, I did send his present by my younger son. I know they had a good time. My younger son got another job, this job is in Raleigh. It means more money for him but is alot furture away from me then his current job. I will have to go to Raleigh to see him. I go into Raleigh at least once a month maybe now it will be more.He is still living with his brother. Hopefully by the new year he will be able to afford his own place.
The animals are fine, Gene still spoils the heck out of them especially Harley! The dog sleeps 23 1/2 hours a day! Lazy little fellow.

Well that is all for now. Need to get a few things done. As aways love to my boys from your mom and grand mom. I do hope everyone out there has a good month.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Another Day and the end of August

Just a few pictures for everyone, the first is of my puppy Simon, he is 8 years old. This is before Matthew gave him a hair cut. I don't have a picture of him after, but he really did a number on him. Simon is a sweetheart to some, but you don't want to come after me. I had a friend that just went to shake my hand and I had to have help holding Mr. Simon back! I am very careful about letting people around him. Simon does love his back yard! He just let's Gene mow and clean it up from time to time! Love the pouch.
These are the flowers gene gave me for my birthday! The reds where so deep red and they lasted 2 weeks! I keep telling people don't give me flowers when I die I want to be able to see them. Some more birthday pictures: My youngest son Matthew is on the left looking at his phone checking out who is calling him, that is which girl! He forgot to shave for a couple of days, I was just glad he was there. My oldest son is to the right, Christopher, next to him is his wife Kacie, the mother and father of Mr. Noah (Mr. Cool-Breeze who always has a big smile for you) They missed my jump by just an hour or so, they had to come from SC beach so they did good getting here. And here is Mr. Smiling Noah with his PaPa! You just want to pinch those cheeks or kiss them or both! The little fellow is just over 6 months and now has 2 bottom teeth and the top 2 looks like they want to come through. He weighs about 24 pounds and is solid like a brick. We think he gets that from Kacie's Dad, Ray! The boy likes to eat. He is one sweetie.

Our 2nd Wedding Anniversity was 8-27-07, we went to Wilimington, NC to the Battleship! My idea. I had not been to the ship since the boys where little and they had opened up alot more for people to see! Gene hadn't been in about 10 years or so, the ship, boat had changed for him also. We had a blast, we went from steern to bow (think that is how you spell it) I got to go up in the gun tennerys, we went up we went down we went every where you could on the boat and sometimes we rewent places because we took a wrong turn, but it was fun. I keep telling Gene that I don't think we saw everything but we where on the boat/ship for about 3 hours. Here are a few pictures of our adventure that day! First picture is of Gene at the ship's bell! this is another picture of Gene at the big chains. You know walking through the ship you had to be a small person, being tall you would have to stoop alot and you had to be very skinny to fit in some of the places they put you, especially where they loaded the powder to shot the big guns! I can't stand to be in tight places, I would go crazy I think. The hospital part of the ship didn't look to pleasant either. here I am in the Captains chair looking out across to front street in Wilimington. The seat wasn't very comfortable but it was a good view. My favorite part was getting to sit in the gunnery seat and look like I was shooting! I wonder who I was pretending to shoot! I could turn the gun around to make sure I got the right target! I have a few ideas! But I won't go there for now! Here is another picture of me that Gene likes, He calls me killer here. He says I look like I was having way too much fun behind the guns.
After the battleship we went over to Front Street or River Street! I got to see the steps of the Courthouse where Matlock was filmed. They have cleaned up River Street alot since I was last there about 7 years ago. There wasn't many shops open but the Cotton place was opened so I did pick up a few t-shirts and some beads for some shawls!
I am waiting to get the go ahead to tandem jump again. Need to wait I was told! The sky is still calling me. I am even thinking of taking solo jump lessons. Gene says as long as he can pick who teaches me it is a ok! So watch out.
Now you are probably wondering if I am knitting. I still am working on the Fir Cone Shawl, The MS3 that I have frogged several times, can't seem to count! I have a sweater started and a pair of socks that I am working on, plus a quilted table runner and another quilt! I just don't have enough time in a day to be able to do everything that I want to do. Hopefully I can post some pictures of some of my knitting at my next posting. The video of the jump is still on hold. So everyone take care, pray for our soldiers and those you love. Remember my little boys (all 3 of you) and my little grandboys (both) Moma, Grandma Loves you!

Friday, August 17, 2007

My Birthday Jump August 11

I have been trying to download/upload the video of my parachute jump but without fail. So I have a few pictures of that day.
We arrived at the airfield at 9 am on the 11th. Gene, my son Matthew and Gene's mom was there. This was my first jump! Now many of you may think I am crazy, but the sky has been calling me since I was little and I have always wanted to jump out of a plane! Go figure! I have had a few friends to tell me that I am not right in the head at times. Another my dear husband being in the Army, a Ranger and in Special Forces jumped alot! He knew how much I wanted to jump so for my birthday he arranged for me to jump with John. It was a tandem jump, I was attached to John with some straps! I was walking high all morning! I listen to the teacher as to what we where to do, head back, arc back, legs bent between partners knees or we would spin!
The first picture is of me suited up in the jumpsuit they have you where, John is making sure everything is just right, the next picture is of me waiting, waiting for the plane to come, ah the plane is here and off we go! No butterflies, not scared, I could have skipped all the way there but I contained myself! Now I won't say my heart wasn't beating fast, but I couldn't wait to fly! The next picture is of me sitting on the edge of the plane just as we are to jump out, then out the door we go! Oh so cool! John pops the little shute and we are flying I don't know if you can see the smile on my face in the 7th picture but I was beaming ear to ear! It was more than I could ever ask for! I knew my grandparents where seating on the clouds watching me shaking their heads saying their she goes! It is so hard to explain the feeling I had it was just a total awsome feeling and I will do it again and again! The 8th picture is us coming through the clouds, the scenerly was the best, I hated to land. We landed on our butts, we slid in, totally cool and then you see me walking away still smiling wanting to go again but John was filled up that day! The last picture is of my Birthday Cake, Jets flying through the sky! The boys just shook their heads. When Matthew said the blessing at lunch he said, "Thank you Lord for letting Mommy get closer to you but thank you more for letting her to come down safely" I thought that was sweet of him! I knew I was in good hands. Gene would only let me jump with someone he trusted and John was very good and was a rigger for the Army with many jumps under his belts. The rest of the day I stayed in the clouds and the day after. I can't wait to jump again. The video of the jump is better than the pictures, Gene laughs he says I am going to wear the video out and maybe some day I will get it up on my blog, mean while enjoy the pictures. Thanks for looking.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Some pretty pictues of a sweet little boy

I just thought I would post a couple of pictures of Baby Noah and his Dad and Mom. He is 4 months in these pictures. I just love his smile. He looks just like his dad.

Aren't they a cute pair!
I love his smile and his eyes just twinkle. You can't tell I am his grandmother can you! He is a cutie pie.

As you can see I have tried to post a couple buttons to my blog I finally got one to work but I can't get the other one to work. I am going to give up for awhile. These pictues are for a happy note. Best wishes to all.

My Past Tuesday the 24th

Tuesday was D day for me for my colon test! Now I hate these test but I know they saved my life. Monday at 11 was my last meal. Gene said I was being a bit dramatic but it felt like it to me! Starting Monday I had to take 4 horse pills every 15 minutes with 8 ozs of water! I couldn't do it, I did it every 30-45 minutes, all I can have is water, black coffee, gum, coke, and frozen fruit juice with no pulp! My night time I don't feel too well! I keep busy, washing clothes, knitting checking internet, house work! Tuesday isn't much better, I keep myself busy, Gene gets home at 2;15 and after he gets his computer together we are off for the 3:30 appointment! I get there fill out the paperwork, go to the restroom and what do I do, I like the restroom! oops.... I get called back, now I haven't eaten and the last time I drank anything was right before we left and it was just a sip of water! I answer 10 more pages of questions, and the nurse gets ready to do the IV, I tell her that we usually don't use the right arm because it doesn't do right, but she says she has too! Let's say after too painful sticks and those who know me know that I hate needles and thinking I was at the beach with the waves rolling in didn't work! All I could hear her say was I have a bubble and mumbles! Then she goes to get another nurse who looks at my right arm and goes after my left hand! She thumps it, I hollar, they say I am fighting them, I say it hurts! They think they have it in! They think, it is on a bone and it hurts like heck!
The nurse leaves and comes back to tell me they are running a little behind, it is 4:30 now! Gene comes back to stay with me he works on his paper, we talk and it is past 6: I am wanted a steak and bake potatoe now! I don't remember what time it was but they finally come in and decided to take me back. I tell them nicely to knock me out I don't want to feel it! I have had at least 6 of these things 4 in one year and I was awake one time and that was one time too many! The nurse tells me never fear I won't know a thing. She tells me I should be getting light headed and go to sleep! Nothing! Doctor says give her more, still nothing! Now I don't do antesia well to begin with but I see the nurse push more drugs in my IV but I am still awake, I don't feel anything but I can see what he is doing! At least this didn't take long. Next thing I am in a room and Gene is in there and another nurse ask if I want something to drink, apple juice, pepsi or water! I tried water but I got sick. I was told to get dressed and started feeling really bad, I got sick, poor Gene could find the throw up thing fast enough! We finally get to leave! Needless to say my steak and potatoe is off the list, we get home after 8pm, the doctor's office is about 20=25 minutes away, Gene sits me on the couch and I am out! I stay out until 10 come alive for a minute or two then out again, then on Wednesday I am down and out! I stayed sick, crackers and warm coke or tea! Thursday I did eat a little more but not much! Still tired, arm and hand are purple, you can see a trail of the veins!
After all of this the best thing the doctor told us was that there was not ANY pulps. That is right NO pulps that is the first time in I don't know how long, first thing first thank you Lord, a look of relief comes over Gene's face! The doctor also shows him a picture of my CLEAN colon and shows where the last surgery was and it has healed with no scare tissue We where both so glad! I guess 3 days of misery was worth it! And life goes on.
Still planning on jumping on August the 11th, we won't make the SF meeting at the team house because I will be jumping out of a plane. My X mother in law was wanting to know if I had lost my mind, told her no so she said she was going to try to make it there! Told her A OK with Us. No I still don't have my voice back yet, no I haven't heard from my middle child don't expect too! Life is just too short. I have give or I am trying to give that problem over to a higher power (the good Lord) to take care of because I can't worry or stress about it any more! Sometimes things are not what they look at and sometimes people make things out to be what they aren't! I have been dealing with this for 54 years and will for the rest of my life! Everyone take care, May God bless and have a great life!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

It's been awhile

Just a few words. I have been trying to figure out how to add buttons to my blog but haven't had much luck! I am doing the MS3 mysterystole, it is a lace shawl, it isn't that hard to do I'll post a picture when I have a little more done to it. Right now I have a pair of socks, a purse and two shawls that I am working on along with 4 quilts, a Friendship star square swap, one for my grandson Noah to match the bumper pads that I made for him, the Army quilt for my husband that he has been watching me do and then the last one quilt is for a lady, I am having a time with it! I guess I chose a hard theme to do! My mind just hasn't got wrapped around her quilt yet. I did get a design board to put my squares and such up on so I can look at what I am trying to do.
Why things can't be a little easier for us I don't understand. Because one person messed up I got sick with a bad sinus infection back in May, then we had to get a new air unit! The new fancy filters that they added where recalled after a week so we are waiting for the new units! Because of that one person, trash was blown in the house and the dust was horrible, every time I dusted I got sicker! So I quit dusting, Gene used the sweeper to clean the carpet when I wasn't around! The infection went into another infection which went into another infection and I still couldn't talk because of swollen throat! The medicine the doctors give me don't help much but they do make me sick, and then I get one antibiotic that I am allergic too! We then break down to have someone clean the house to get rid of the dust! They (Merry Maids) come on Friday, and now the air isn't working right upstairs. Somehow the girl has put it on a permanent hold for the air not to come on and it is hot up here! Can we get it corrected no, the directions don't make any sense to get rid of it, how the Merry maids dorked it up I can't figure out! I haven't been up here since Saturday night because we went to Cameron looking at Antiques that they didn't have! Oops someone forgot to tell the Antique dealers that they where suppose to be having a Antique show!!
The Merry maids did a good job cleaning, the one who sweeped didn't know how to clean corners though! I will admit they did dust well including the blinds. The curtains have gone to the cleaners and I am slowly washing all of the bathroom rugs, shower curtains, blankets and bedding! This one persons mess has cost us our vacation but we had to get the air fixed for their mess and then clean up the dust that was blow in the house from the mess! When you dusted everything was black! Now I have to get the carpets, couch and chairs clean and that is going to be costly if I don't find a coupon for Stanley Steamer!
Gene goes I'll clean the couch and chair, when will you have time, he spends all his time on his master program! I think we will both be glad when the program is over and his paper turned in!
We both go back to the doctors this week. Me for a check up on my colon. I am taking the pills this time. The pills are huge! Need to do it, kind of scared but I have to think positive. They will find pulps but hopefully not any more bad ones. Gene's doctor appointment is for a check up for his stomach! Just to make sure everything is okay. I don't know if they will scope him out or not will have to wait. I go Tuesday him Wenesday then I go to Raleigh on Thursday for my hair! Guess I can make it to the Bernina store and the yarn store the same day! Need to go to Ritz's to get some pictures done.
The dogs are doing good. Simon keeps digging! I wish he would quit! Harley follows you around every where till it gets on your last nerve.
The boys at least I know the two of them are doing okay. Noah is growing like a weed and giving Christopher a fit. The things he tells me reminds me of when they where little! Wish I could see the little fellow. Matthew says John David is doing okay! Life has to go on! That son of mine just doesn't know how much he hurt me, why couldn't he have listened to me and just kept quite and things would have been okay by now! Life is just way to short for this mess. If you read this little boy Moma loves you and misses you. And you will always be the pain in my fourth point of contact!
Tony's little one's turn Two today, Happy Birthday to JoAnn and Anthony! Hope you got my card and present!
Gene had a classmate to pass away this week unexpectedly, he won't say anything but I know it bothers him, especially since the guy called him about a month ago and with all the mess we have been going through he hadn't gotten back to calling him. The father of the Army "Rangers" also died this week "Darby" I think is what Gene called him, forgive me if it wasn't. He is going to buried at West Point this weekend.
On a good point I am still going to jump out of an airplane on my Birthday. I can't wait! I just hope nothing goes wrong so that I do get to jump. Lorraine, my X mother in law is suppose to come. She said if I ever jumped she wanted to be there so I sent her a letter and told her when. Of course she thinks I am crazy! Nothing new she always thought that.
Hopefully I will have some pictures next week till then take care everyone

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Well I haven't been writing for awhile, with Gene being under the weather and myself. You have heard about bats in the belfry (I think that is how you spell it anyhow we had bats in our garage attic, we had about 20 adult bats and another 30 baby bats, we had to get the batman, yes he was called the batman to come out and clean out the attic! They where creepy! The batman as you can see let the babies crawl over him!
There is a picture of them in the attic, yes they hang upside down! Somehow the screen inside the attic got torn and the bats got in that way! As of last night they are all gone! We have everything screened up! One reason we could have been sick, not to mention the mold under the house on the installation! I have been without a voice for about 5 weeks now! At least I get to go to an ears nose or throat doctor tomorrow. I am not thrilled about having to go have the barren (again misspelled) swollen and X rays. My spelling is really off today!
As I promised just a couple of things that I have knitted, but have not quit finished. This is a purse I started, I have rolled the hem down but now I need to figure out how to attach a handle. I really don't want to poke a hole in the top, it is felted, but I may have too! Still thinking on it
Here is a pair of socks I knitted, I am not happy with them, I did the first sock as the pattern said, but wasn't happy with it so I changed it around a bit. The yarn was too heavy so I guess they can be just worn around the house without shoes on! Then I don't know how long the bottom will last! Maybe I will add something to the bottom of the socks so they don't wear out as quick!
This is one of my favorite quilts that I did, I call it "Purple" it is a million little squares sewed together! I love the yellow in the quilt, I think it makes the quilt. But then the boys say in all the quilts I make there is purple or yellow in it some where!
Here is my barky dog Simon! Lately all he does is bark! I love the dog to death, but how he can bark 3 hours straight I can't figure out. He looks like a friendly dog, he is a teddy bear with me, my husband or my younger son, but don't you dare go in his back yard or come towards any of us. He can be very aggressive towards strangers. He owns the back yard we just keep it cleaned up for him! He lets his little brother, Harley out but he has to get the sniff down when ever we let Harley out. Harley is our second dog, a Bengal colored miniature dachshund.
Last but not least is another picture of my little fellow Noah! He is looking at me like what the heck am I doing! This picture was taken about 2 months ago! The boy is just 4 months old but growing in leaps and bounds. They have in 6 month clothing already. I still think it looks like his dad. But then that is a mom/grandmom opinion. He is still a sweetie.

I think I have posted enough for the day. Let's see what do I have on the sewing machine, I still have my husband's Army quilt and flag quilt! I have my friendship squares to finish and the Christmas exchange squares that are due in July and I am way behind because of not feeling well. On the knitting needles I have a pullover sweater, button down the front sweater, a pair of socks, a sweater for Noah, and 2 shawls. I need to seriously get busy and finish somethings up. Till another day stay cool, enjoy life, smell the flowers and watch out for bats in your yard!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Just another day

Another day at the Doctor's this time Gene had to go also. This is week 2 for the sinus infection, I don't think it is ever going to go away i got more antibodies!

Gene has a Viral Infection. I tried to tell him but he wouldn't listen or go to doctors! When he coughed it sounded like he was going to cough up a lung. I swear the man is as hard head as they come. He has been sick for over a week and kept saying he would get better, trying to get medicine down him was like choking a horse but I got some down him. I kept his fever down. The doctor gave him a butt load of medicine today! I had him eat some soup and then gave him all his medicine. At least he is asleep right now.

We went to the beach this past weekend, Saturday was Gene's birthday, he laid on the couch the entire weekend and I stayed at the pool, read a book and I did walk to the beach. I got sunburned some, but at least I wasn't home and I could hear him coughing while I was outside. I was glad that restrurants where within walking distance as the beach. I got him him food and ice cream. Of course he complained the whole time. He says I am terrible when I am sick, I have news for him, he has me beat he is worse.

We didn't make it to our neighbors funeral and that upset me some but Gene could not have gone.

I haven't got to knit or sew much these past 2 weeks. One because of sickness two because it is so darn hot upstairs in my room so no sewing. It gets so warm up here you want to fall asleep. Next week that will change, we get a new cooling system, 2 one for upstairs one for downstairs, Yea!

Well I will close I was going to post a picture of boys and me together Aren't they great looking boys. They are my sweeties. This picture was taken almost 2 years ago at our wedding. I made my dress and the boys all had on purple ties, they where so cute! Till next time, take care and have a good week.

I have been tagged, but I don't have anyone else to tag

I've been tagged by Deb with the "7 things" meme.

Rules: Each person tagged gives 7 random facts about themselves.

Those tagged need to write in their blogs the 7 facts, as well as the rules of the game.

You need to tag 7 others and list their names on your blog.

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Here goes:
1. I want to learn to parachute out of a plane.
2. Ice Cream is my friend, Coffee ice cream
3. I am not a morning person, if you are going to wake me before 7 am then you best have some strong coffee waiting.
4. I bore easily that is why I try to keep busy, I love to sew, quilt and knit.
5. I HATE being RUSHED!
6. I hate being interupted when speaking. It's just plain rude!! I don't interupt others and expect the same respect.
7. I love lilacs, my husband, my boys, my grandsons and daughter in laws!

Now who do I tag? Most everyone I know have been tagged or do not have a blog! What to do!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tired of Being Sick

It has been a week now and I am tired of being sick. I have been having bad headaches for the last 2 weeks but then I woke up on Monday with a horrible sore throat and ear ache and no voice! Then I had to try and make a doctor's appoinment! Have you tried to make a doctors appoinment when everyone is sick, noone can hear you cause you can not talk and the active duty guys have first dips on the doctors appoinments. After half a day I finally got in to see the doc, then it took another half a day to get the meds. No knitting or sewing got done the last few days. I want to go to the beach! Oh the beach, sand in my toes and waves lapping!

I got to see my littlest grandson this weekend Noah! He is really growing and getting to be a little hand full but still a cutie pie, here is a picture of him, we call him cool breeze in this picture. In this picture he is only 3 months. He is almost 4 months now. Love his glasses and smile.

He loves for you to rub his tummy and walk around outside, he is a happy baby most of the time and a big eater! I got the golden shower this weekend even though I thought I had him covered. I have to be more careful next time. I cannot forget my oldest grandson John David, he's a little cutie also.Need to go rest for now. Will post another one of my quilts tomorrow. My purple quilt! Good night boys

Monday, May 14, 2007


I enjoy knitting. I have been knitting off and on now for over 36 years. I am self taught. I haven't taken any classes to learn to knit, but I do ask questions and I have lots of books. I have a spinning wheel that my dear husband gave me in 2005 before we where married. This summer I want to learn to spin correctly. Knitting can be very relaxing. I don't like to be rushed when knitting. I have started knitting socks, doing a little designing, my goal is to sell some of my designs as patterns or finished works. As far as yarn goes my husband keeps saying that he thinks he needs to put support beams under my sewing/craft room. He encourages me to be creative and to do my thing.

The first picture is a picture of a sweater that I knitted for my nephew for his first birthday. I don't remember what pattern I started out with, I tend to start a pattern then change things as I go. I had a hard time finding yarn for a little boy. The yarn had to be very masculine or he wouldn't have been able to wear it! Nothing sissy as I was told. Why there can't be more masculine or boyish stripe yarn out there I don't know, Not brown yarn, I get tired of blue! Boys can wear more than just blue can't they? At least that is what I keep telling everyone. The next picture is a pair of felted booties that I made for my oldest son when he told me that they where pregant. I knew the baby was going to be a boy! Just a feeling I had they thought it was going to be a boy also. I have 3 boys, 3 brothers, I had 2 brother in laws now they are X brother in laws and I now only have 1 brother in law. I already have a 2 year old grandson so something told me this baby was going to be a boy also and he was. My son and daughter in law opted to wait until the baby was born to find out the sex which I was glad of, everyone needs a surprise, I had 3! The little fellow was born in January of 2007. He was a big baby 8 lbs, they named him Noah, he is such a cutie pie. I will get permission to post his picture here from his parents. Anyhow they loved the booties, I don't think he will ever where them though because they would be too small for him now at 3 months. I have knitted him a sweater and a couple of hats which he has worn. I have a couple of more projects waiting to get started for him. Well that is all for now. Still can't seem to get the writting and the picture thing down. If I post pictures first I have a hard time typing and lose the pictures. If I type and then add more than one pictures I have a mess, any suggestions?

Good Afternoon

I am new at blogging so please bear with me as I learn what to do. I am already finding out that I am having a problem with posting and adding pictures. So here goes, bear with me! I enjoy Knitting, Sewing and Quilting and hope to share with you some of my projects in the finished, middle and beggining stages, that is if I can remember to take the pictures.

Today I want to share just a couple of pictures of a couple of quilts that I remembered to take pictures of and gave 2 of my sons Christmast of 2006. The top quilt was made for my oldest son some years ago.
He was surprised that I had actually finished it. I

think it turned out okay, I had problems with the boarders. I couldn't make up my mind what colors to use.
The next quilt, the fish quilt was for my youngest son. I had started this quilt also a few years back. I total took my son off guard when he opened up the present. I couldn't help but to grin because he had no idea what he was getting. I love to mess with them. He had forgotten all about the quilt. I had let him go to the fabric store to picked out all the fabric for the quilt I just decided on the pattern. He didn't understand why it took me so long to pick out fabric for a quilt so he got to find out. We where at the fabric store for a couple of hours. The ladies at the store where friends so they helped him. It is a bright quilt and he loves it so that is all that counts. That is all for now about the quilts. Thanks for stopping by.