Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Beach

On October 10 I went to the beach with my older son and his family, we had a ball I got there late on Friday and left late on Sunday, but I did get a little shopping in before I headed home. No pictures though of what I bought. I bought some jeans on sale, some beads, a army wind socket, a bright green scarf and a few other things. It was fun!

The beach on Sunday was beautiful, it had rained Friday and Saturday. We did go to the beach on Saturday but it rained. There was a wedding on the beach that got rained out. I felt sorry for the guest! They where all dresssed up and got wet! On Sunday it was a beautiful day, the waves was soft and smooth the water was semi warm and the sky was blue! The beach is one of my favorite places to go to! I am alot calmer watching the waves soaking in the rays!

My feet with the pink toes in the ocean enjoying the waves. I love the waves.

Noah on the beach helping Grandma pick up sea shells. He was a good sea shell finder. He find this one rock that had alot of sea shells attached to it. It must have weighed 2 pounds or more. He tried to carry it but grandma carried it for us. He is a hoot! Smart as a whip. I am going to clean our sea shells up and put them in a glass container.

The expected mother (Kacie is due around the middle of November, so grandma is on baby watch. When she goes into labor I will go down to take care of Noah), Noah and Christopher walking on the beach helping pick up sea shells for Grandma.

Noah finally sitting in the ocean in a small hole right off the beach with his daddy! The water was warm. He loves the water, doesn't like it in his eyes. He liked giving our legs a sand rub!

Here is a picture of the boys and me sitting on a huge pipe that ran into the ocean. The pipe was bringing sand from the bottom of the ocean to build up the beach. The wind had messed up my hair and we where slumbed back and Noah wasn't in the mood to have his picture takenso the picture isn't the best of us but at least I have one of the 3 of us I really don't like having my picture taken.

This is the machine that would roll out into the ocean and measure the bottom of the ocean then come back to the beach, move over a few feet then go back out into the ocean. It was interesting to watch. Noah enjoyed watching the machine!

On Saturday after we picked up Kacie from her meeting we went to the outlet stores to find Noah a few things for his costume. We didn't find much. I did find a couple of cheap scarves on sale for my purses I am making and we found the Harry and David store. I will leave it at that! I love the store.
That is all for the beach right now. I am going to try to do some more posting. This is the fourth time trying to post this posting for some reason blogger wasn't working. Alot of things have been going on so I haven't gotten to much done. I have been knitting. I have several sweaters in different stages, I need to just finish one at a time instead of starting a new one. I did take a spinning class so hopefully I can get to it.
Thanks for stopping bye. Have a good day and take care.