Friday, July 27, 2007

Some pretty pictues of a sweet little boy

I just thought I would post a couple of pictures of Baby Noah and his Dad and Mom. He is 4 months in these pictures. I just love his smile. He looks just like his dad.

Aren't they a cute pair!
I love his smile and his eyes just twinkle. You can't tell I am his grandmother can you! He is a cutie pie.

As you can see I have tried to post a couple buttons to my blog I finally got one to work but I can't get the other one to work. I am going to give up for awhile. These pictues are for a happy note. Best wishes to all.

My Past Tuesday the 24th

Tuesday was D day for me for my colon test! Now I hate these test but I know they saved my life. Monday at 11 was my last meal. Gene said I was being a bit dramatic but it felt like it to me! Starting Monday I had to take 4 horse pills every 15 minutes with 8 ozs of water! I couldn't do it, I did it every 30-45 minutes, all I can have is water, black coffee, gum, coke, and frozen fruit juice with no pulp! My night time I don't feel too well! I keep busy, washing clothes, knitting checking internet, house work! Tuesday isn't much better, I keep myself busy, Gene gets home at 2;15 and after he gets his computer together we are off for the 3:30 appointment! I get there fill out the paperwork, go to the restroom and what do I do, I like the restroom! oops.... I get called back, now I haven't eaten and the last time I drank anything was right before we left and it was just a sip of water! I answer 10 more pages of questions, and the nurse gets ready to do the IV, I tell her that we usually don't use the right arm because it doesn't do right, but she says she has too! Let's say after too painful sticks and those who know me know that I hate needles and thinking I was at the beach with the waves rolling in didn't work! All I could hear her say was I have a bubble and mumbles! Then she goes to get another nurse who looks at my right arm and goes after my left hand! She thumps it, I hollar, they say I am fighting them, I say it hurts! They think they have it in! They think, it is on a bone and it hurts like heck!
The nurse leaves and comes back to tell me they are running a little behind, it is 4:30 now! Gene comes back to stay with me he works on his paper, we talk and it is past 6: I am wanted a steak and bake potatoe now! I don't remember what time it was but they finally come in and decided to take me back. I tell them nicely to knock me out I don't want to feel it! I have had at least 6 of these things 4 in one year and I was awake one time and that was one time too many! The nurse tells me never fear I won't know a thing. She tells me I should be getting light headed and go to sleep! Nothing! Doctor says give her more, still nothing! Now I don't do antesia well to begin with but I see the nurse push more drugs in my IV but I am still awake, I don't feel anything but I can see what he is doing! At least this didn't take long. Next thing I am in a room and Gene is in there and another nurse ask if I want something to drink, apple juice, pepsi or water! I tried water but I got sick. I was told to get dressed and started feeling really bad, I got sick, poor Gene could find the throw up thing fast enough! We finally get to leave! Needless to say my steak and potatoe is off the list, we get home after 8pm, the doctor's office is about 20=25 minutes away, Gene sits me on the couch and I am out! I stay out until 10 come alive for a minute or two then out again, then on Wednesday I am down and out! I stayed sick, crackers and warm coke or tea! Thursday I did eat a little more but not much! Still tired, arm and hand are purple, you can see a trail of the veins!
After all of this the best thing the doctor told us was that there was not ANY pulps. That is right NO pulps that is the first time in I don't know how long, first thing first thank you Lord, a look of relief comes over Gene's face! The doctor also shows him a picture of my CLEAN colon and shows where the last surgery was and it has healed with no scare tissue We where both so glad! I guess 3 days of misery was worth it! And life goes on.
Still planning on jumping on August the 11th, we won't make the SF meeting at the team house because I will be jumping out of a plane. My X mother in law was wanting to know if I had lost my mind, told her no so she said she was going to try to make it there! Told her A OK with Us. No I still don't have my voice back yet, no I haven't heard from my middle child don't expect too! Life is just too short. I have give or I am trying to give that problem over to a higher power (the good Lord) to take care of because I can't worry or stress about it any more! Sometimes things are not what they look at and sometimes people make things out to be what they aren't! I have been dealing with this for 54 years and will for the rest of my life! Everyone take care, May God bless and have a great life!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

It's been awhile

Just a few words. I have been trying to figure out how to add buttons to my blog but haven't had much luck! I am doing the MS3 mysterystole, it is a lace shawl, it isn't that hard to do I'll post a picture when I have a little more done to it. Right now I have a pair of socks, a purse and two shawls that I am working on along with 4 quilts, a Friendship star square swap, one for my grandson Noah to match the bumper pads that I made for him, the Army quilt for my husband that he has been watching me do and then the last one quilt is for a lady, I am having a time with it! I guess I chose a hard theme to do! My mind just hasn't got wrapped around her quilt yet. I did get a design board to put my squares and such up on so I can look at what I am trying to do.
Why things can't be a little easier for us I don't understand. Because one person messed up I got sick with a bad sinus infection back in May, then we had to get a new air unit! The new fancy filters that they added where recalled after a week so we are waiting for the new units! Because of that one person, trash was blown in the house and the dust was horrible, every time I dusted I got sicker! So I quit dusting, Gene used the sweeper to clean the carpet when I wasn't around! The infection went into another infection which went into another infection and I still couldn't talk because of swollen throat! The medicine the doctors give me don't help much but they do make me sick, and then I get one antibiotic that I am allergic too! We then break down to have someone clean the house to get rid of the dust! They (Merry Maids) come on Friday, and now the air isn't working right upstairs. Somehow the girl has put it on a permanent hold for the air not to come on and it is hot up here! Can we get it corrected no, the directions don't make any sense to get rid of it, how the Merry maids dorked it up I can't figure out! I haven't been up here since Saturday night because we went to Cameron looking at Antiques that they didn't have! Oops someone forgot to tell the Antique dealers that they where suppose to be having a Antique show!!
The Merry maids did a good job cleaning, the one who sweeped didn't know how to clean corners though! I will admit they did dust well including the blinds. The curtains have gone to the cleaners and I am slowly washing all of the bathroom rugs, shower curtains, blankets and bedding! This one persons mess has cost us our vacation but we had to get the air fixed for their mess and then clean up the dust that was blow in the house from the mess! When you dusted everything was black! Now I have to get the carpets, couch and chairs clean and that is going to be costly if I don't find a coupon for Stanley Steamer!
Gene goes I'll clean the couch and chair, when will you have time, he spends all his time on his master program! I think we will both be glad when the program is over and his paper turned in!
We both go back to the doctors this week. Me for a check up on my colon. I am taking the pills this time. The pills are huge! Need to do it, kind of scared but I have to think positive. They will find pulps but hopefully not any more bad ones. Gene's doctor appointment is for a check up for his stomach! Just to make sure everything is okay. I don't know if they will scope him out or not will have to wait. I go Tuesday him Wenesday then I go to Raleigh on Thursday for my hair! Guess I can make it to the Bernina store and the yarn store the same day! Need to go to Ritz's to get some pictures done.
The dogs are doing good. Simon keeps digging! I wish he would quit! Harley follows you around every where till it gets on your last nerve.
The boys at least I know the two of them are doing okay. Noah is growing like a weed and giving Christopher a fit. The things he tells me reminds me of when they where little! Wish I could see the little fellow. Matthew says John David is doing okay! Life has to go on! That son of mine just doesn't know how much he hurt me, why couldn't he have listened to me and just kept quite and things would have been okay by now! Life is just way to short for this mess. If you read this little boy Moma loves you and misses you. And you will always be the pain in my fourth point of contact!
Tony's little one's turn Two today, Happy Birthday to JoAnn and Anthony! Hope you got my card and present!
Gene had a classmate to pass away this week unexpectedly, he won't say anything but I know it bothers him, especially since the guy called him about a month ago and with all the mess we have been going through he hadn't gotten back to calling him. The father of the Army "Rangers" also died this week "Darby" I think is what Gene called him, forgive me if it wasn't. He is going to buried at West Point this weekend.
On a good point I am still going to jump out of an airplane on my Birthday. I can't wait! I just hope nothing goes wrong so that I do get to jump. Lorraine, my X mother in law is suppose to come. She said if I ever jumped she wanted to be there so I sent her a letter and told her when. Of course she thinks I am crazy! Nothing new she always thought that.
Hopefully I will have some pictures next week till then take care everyone