Saturday, October 13, 2007

What's been going on

Just a quick update as to what has been going on, No pictures this time hopefully next time. Last Saturday the 6th we went to the air show at Pope Air Force Base. We had a grand time! I love airplanes we didn't have any problems getting to the Base, Gene had lots of memories to relive! Of all the times he had to wait for his turn to jump or go where ever he wasn't going. Saturday was very cloudy to start off with that we didn't think that the clouds would lift so the planes could fly. We knew that the Golden Knights wouldn't be jumping because of the clouds but at 12:30 they did let the planes start to fly but they didn't get to go up high which was disappointing. The War Hogs didn't get to fly, Gene loves those planes, those are the old war planes. They are neat planes but they don't fly as fast as the new planes. The Thunderbirds did fly at 3. I was surprised to see that there where 2 women flying the planes. The Thunderbird show was good but I still like the Snowbirds air plane show, their show is much better. More planes, faster, better flying! Not that the Thunderbirds show wasn't good... When the show was over it took us 2 hours to get back to our car! To get to the air field you cannot just drive there you have to park on the army post and then catch a bus to the air field. To get to our car was horrible someone forgot to tell the air force how to get all the people back to their cars! No one knew where our line for our bus was to start so one person took it upon himself to get our line started in the correct place. After that it wasn't a problem. I swear there was alto of upset people that day!
After the show we went out to eat at the local German eater! While we where there an older gentleman came in and introduced us to his nephew, who just happen to be #7 for the Thunderbirds. A little exciting for us, then we where given 2 VIP tickets for the Thunderbird tent on Sunday. Now we weren't planning on going to the air show on Sunday, I wanted to go but knew Gene had a paper due on Sunday so I didn't think we would be going but we did. Happy Happy!
Now getting to the air field on Sunday was another question! It took us at least 45 minuets to get to the field, the clouds where high so the planes could fly high and fast. We missed the Golden Knights jump but I did get to see one of the men. The VIP tent was neat we where right across from the Thunderbird planes so we got to see all the pilots up close and front! Gene got alot of pictures of the sky! We have a new camera and he didn't practice using it before we to the show. We still have to figure out how to use it. He did get some good pictures though that I will picture later. Gene got to see the War Hogs up close and they flew it was exciting. We checked out the other planes and went about watching the planes. Leaving the show was another question again. It was more organized but the lines where very long and it did take us over 2 hours to get our bus! It was worth it though. This was to be the last show at Pope! The Army will take over the base due to the realignment so the air field will belong to the Army.
I did get to see an old friend that I use to work with. It was nice seeing her again. Gene ran into someone he knew from his days in the Army and then we ran into 2 people from the SF team house. Strange who you run into in the unlikely places. I love watching the planes they go so fast they your heart catches. I did wear ear plugs. If I wanted to hear I had to wear them. When you are that close to so many planes one can barely hear. The Army had some of their equipment there. Jeeps, mortar shooters, their backpacks, (I know that's not what they are called!) The medics had their set ups, there was some older planes and helicopters that you could go through! Of course we tried to check everything out but ran out of time both days! We where both tired. We both got a little red on Sunday. We did get the grand boys and me some souviers. Couldn't leave without an airplane or two or a new hat! Yes, I will wear a ball hat! Especially if we ride in the Mustang with the top down! Wearing the hat blow the boys away! Mom isn't the same person! I must say I am much happier!
Before I forget I got to tell you something funny! For some reason people don't think I am as old as I am. Well I went to have lunch with Matthew (He is my youngest son) at his new job last Friday after the Bernina meeting. I meet some of the people he works with inside they are nice people. I hope things will work out for him there for awhile. Anyhow Matthew called me this week and said I couldn't come back to his work, (Joking) he said they (guys outside who I didn't meet) thought that I was his girlfriend! That was a hoot!! When he told them I was his mom they didn't believe him, they said I looked to young to have him for a son, he is 26! (I was laughing quietly), He kept telling them that I was his mom then they asked for my phone #. (Still laughing) He sounded a bit beside himself, he said I told them that you where my mom not my girlfriend and that they couldn't have your phone # because she was married! (trying to just snicker after that). They never had experience that before! I have changed some, alot in many ways, I carry myself some what differently, take a little better care of myself, smile more, dress better ( I don't wear clothes 2 sizes to big for me), I have been wearing alot of skirts, I love full flowing skirts, I like to twill around in them. Still a little girl at heart. The guys where Gene works still don't believe there is just 2 years difference in our age! Food for thought for them! Makes me feel good sometimes. Gene calls me his babett! I laugh I don't see myself as that! Too long of a story..
That has been our excitement for the month so far. Gene is writing his last short paper for his master's program and answered his last questions this week. He is still working on the paper, it has to be turned in tomorrow and I still have to read it! It looks like we go to Vermont in June. After tomorrow I hope to get him started working on plane tickets to Ct for Noah's christening which is going to be the 23rd of December. I am really not looking forward to the Holidays this year with all the garbage that has been going on! I know Thanksgiving will be here and as far as I know Gene's mom will be her, Matthew and hopefully Chris, Kacie and Master Noah! I am standing my ground I am not going to be the one to call Ricky! It is a Gene's said and I have to agree with him as does some others, Ricky should have talked to Gene instead of talking to me saying what he did. It should have been the two of them talking and getting things talked through. Gene was going to talk to him but Ricky was gone then.... enough I still don't understand why my family thinks that it is okay to do me wrong and that I have to forgive and forget when I am accused of something I haven't done or said or better yet when someone has said something ugly or wronged me! I was told that should be "water under the bridge" and I need to move on! I am not perfect but I am human and do have feeling and I am so, so tired of walking on egg shells as not to upset some people. But it is perfectly okay for them to talk trash about me behind my back or take things or just da**** it be ugly! Life is just too short and you all have heard me rant enough about this situation.
I went to have my allergy test done on Friday the 12th. 73 shots later I was off the charts and will start 4 allergy shots twice a week for a few months and work down to just 2 shots once a week! That doesn't sound like fun but if it will keep me well I will do it. My poor right arm looks a mess with all the red welts and they itch and I can't scratch! I am allergic to everything in the air, (which I knew) grasses, weeds and some trees are the worse! Mold is bad, mites, I had to go out and buy covers for the mattress and pillows, dust, (Molly Maids every 2 months) cigarette smoke bad and what surprised me the most was that I was highly allergic to cats. I have always had a cat until now. Our last cat "Sunshine" was a character. The dogs knew he ruled the house and yard and they gave him wide berth! He was a yellow tabby, fat thing. He loved to bring me presents and put them outside the front door! Mice! Urk! A dumb possum got in a fight with him and Sunshine was 12 and didn't have the fight in him like he use to and that possum was huge! Gene shot the possum! Sunshine didn't last long after that! It broke my heart to know he was gone, but he was buried next to Buster so I know they are looking after each other.
Well I have rattled on enough this time. We still haven't had any rain. The State Fair started this past Friday and we are to go on the 19th! Gene wants to go to the antique store at Cameron Village in Raleigh but I don't think we will make that also! I write more about the fair. Maybe we can take the little camera and take some pictures. We will see.
For those of you who have heard of Paul Potts, the English gentleman that blow away the talent search contest in England (Talent show, I can't remember the name it is like the one we have hear that I don't watch) I heard him first on you tube. He has a beautiful voice! When he sings it gives you chills. Paul has a CD out I didn't know it until I went to Walmart today, it is called "One Chance" The Cd is more than just great, He sings the "Music of the Night" from the Phantom, it is the best I have heard in a long time. Go buy the CD listen enjoy it is worth it! That will be all for now, take care, have a good week, boys, grand boys, mom grand mom loves you and you are always in my heart, mind and prayers. Bless you all!