Monday, November 19, 2007

Another Day

We went to a craft show and Santa was there so I had a picture taken of Matthew and I sitting on poor ole Santa's lap! Santa told Matthew he was pulling on his beard! I don't think you can tell from the picture but santa's suit is camo! It was great to have him and his girlfriend Rebecca

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I give up

I give up, it is just one of those days, weeks, months I guess where 2 steps forward 10 steps back.
My canon camera died and I sorely missed it! We went to have picture made from the disc and I did not go to Ritz like I usually do I went to a place in Fayetteville and asked that they make me a disc of the pictures! I can't open the @**% disc up! I am going to have to now go back to Ritz which is in Raleigh and get a disc made of the pictures. I have to send the camera back to Canon to fix it! There is something wrong with a chip in the camera and it is covered by a recall so I will send it in. Meanwhile I guess I will have to figure out how to use the other camera, and how to download pictures! Means I will have to put more software on my computer. Gene says my computer is going to explode with all the software on it now! It just ticks me off, I told the lady I wanted a disc of the pictures to use on my computer and I have no idea what program she used! I can't download the pictures
Well how has every one been. We are good here. I should have gone to get my shots today but will wait until tomorrow and do the whole run around at the same time. I am still trying to find a place to stay in CT for Noah's christianing! It's going to be expensive any way I look at it I tried calling this one B & B in Watertown and the number has been changed then it was changed to unlisted! Hum what is going on there. I guess I need to go on post and check and see if they have any suggestions!
I am knitting on a shawl/stole for a yarn company need to get some more done and pictues taken soon! I have been helping a couple ladies learn how to knit socks. Last night we just worked on casting on. We had fun! My sweater is coming along hopefully I will get pictures of it up one day! After I get a new disc made that is!
The weather can't make up it's minds if we are going to be hot or cold, we just need some rain!
Last weekend Gene took me to Camp Macaw (not sure if that is how you spell it) The camp is part of Fort Bragg, we walked around. He is writting an article and a book on the Camp. It has some very interesting history! They use to train glider pilots there and that is where Special Forces does there thing. Alot of memories for him, I didn't know we where going there so I really didn't have my hiking boots or socks on! Next time I will! We walked for about 2 hours or so, he explained where things use to be. They have tore down all the old buildings. Shame! He did find someone who had alot of pictures of the camp and gliders. I love history and this is something alot of people would never see or know! So much has gone on behind scenes that we never know exist! The special oops department on Fort Bragg does publish a magazine quartly that is very good and it tells about the different groups and what they did and were they where, that is things that have been declassified! Anyone can get the magazine. I enjoyed the walk and could see the men 50 60 years ago walking the same paths that I did, I could stand where the parachute rigging buildings where and see the guys packing parachutes! At the landing fields you could image the planes and gliders and the guys jumping, good imagations huh!
I don't have any pictures since they are on the %&%* disc, so I will have to wait to post any pictures. Next time, there will be pictures!
Everyone have a good Thanksgiving. I will have 2 of the 3 boys and 1 of the 2 grandsons for Thanksgiving, I am thankful for that! Just remember my little boy (and you know who you are) Mom loves you and you will always be my little boy no matter what even though you are the biggest pain in my rear end!
Take care everyone. Love to all my friends and enemies, love you boys! Mom