Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Just a quick note

I haven't posted for awhile, so I thought I would take a moment to let you know what is going on. Christmas was great, Gene and I went to CT for Noah's Christening and Christmas. I got to have a real white Christmas. It was a blast. I got to play in the snow. Poor Noah was bundle up like a snow man! His Christening went fine, the service was 2 hours! Because of the snow they had missed the Sunday before so they did 2 services in one. Considering the time we all did very well. Gene was funny he said "God knew he had him in church so he was going to keep him for awhile" Christmas was Great at the Tartaro's. I got alot of time with the little fellow and there was so much food! I have never seen so much food before. You name it I think we had it! They had a dinner after the christening and all the family came. It was a good time! I had never seen Gene enjoy himself so much and was so at ease! The Tartaro's treated us like family and we truly had the best Christmas ever. The plane trip there and back wasn't bad. Of course right before we went I thought I had gotten over my broncutis at least that is what I made myself think!
Then Noah turned a year old January 21st same day as his PePaw Ray (Kacie's dad). The kids had a birthday party for him on the 26th. Of course I went down to SC to help with the party! Matthew and his girlfriend came and the Tartaro's where there. I was glad! The party was a blast for the kids. Noah is walking or should I say trotting around he is beginning to feel his Wheaties! There was 5 other little ones at his party and they all where a hoot! All in all I had a good time visiting. I was there for 3 days. Of course when I got back Gene had to leave for a business trip for the week. He came home on Thursday. While he was gone I got sick, I thought it was just a sinus infection so I took Bendryl and Tyneol. I was wrong. On Friday I was off to the doctors and I had a bad case of broncutis, I couldn't breath, my throat was so sore, I was coughing my lungs up (at least it felt like it) couldn't eat (need to shed a few pounds anyhow). I got lots of medicine and I got put on a breathing machine! It was hard to breath on that thing then when I got home I did nothing but throw up! Plus some of the medicine I was given bad me a mad women. As the week went on I didn't much better so Friday off I went to the doctors again just to be given more medicine and told that I now had pneonmonia! So I was banned to the couch went the threat not to do anything! You know me I can only stay down for awhile! So yesterday I did some cleaning and picking up! Guess I did too much because I was wore out and coughed all night. I was told again to stay down to let the medicine do it's thing, so I guess I will try again. I hate being sick and the house is coming in on me!
I have been trying to knit some, I have done much, I had to stop working on my sweater and socks so I started the Hemlock ring blanket, using yarn from my stash. I won't tell Gene what I am knitting because I don't know what it is going to look like. I am using Homespun yarn and I do believe I chose the wrong yarn to work with. Homespun isn't my favorite yarn but I have alot so I need to try to use it up.
I am typing on my laptop that I got for Christmas, (not suppose to go upstairs, I started rearranging my sewing/craft room before I got so sick and I have 2 rooms in a huge mess and it is bugging me so I am not suppose to go up there to work on it, Gene says I don't know when to stop) Anyhow when I get to go upstairs I will post some pictures of what I have been working on, the christening, Christmas and the birthday!
Meanwhile everyone take care. Boys remember Moma loves you! Ricky I miss you!