Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Just another day

Another day at the Doctor's this time Gene had to go also. This is week 2 for the sinus infection, I don't think it is ever going to go away i got more antibodies!

Gene has a Viral Infection. I tried to tell him but he wouldn't listen or go to doctors! When he coughed it sounded like he was going to cough up a lung. I swear the man is as hard head as they come. He has been sick for over a week and kept saying he would get better, trying to get medicine down him was like choking a horse but I got some down him. I kept his fever down. The doctor gave him a butt load of medicine today! I had him eat some soup and then gave him all his medicine. At least he is asleep right now.

We went to the beach this past weekend, Saturday was Gene's birthday, he laid on the couch the entire weekend and I stayed at the pool, read a book and I did walk to the beach. I got sunburned some, but at least I wasn't home and I could hear him coughing while I was outside. I was glad that restrurants where within walking distance as the beach. I got him him food and ice cream. Of course he complained the whole time. He says I am terrible when I am sick, I have news for him, he has me beat he is worse.

We didn't make it to our neighbors funeral and that upset me some but Gene could not have gone.

I haven't got to knit or sew much these past 2 weeks. One because of sickness two because it is so darn hot upstairs in my room so no sewing. It gets so warm up here you want to fall asleep. Next week that will change, we get a new cooling system, 2 one for upstairs one for downstairs, Yea!

Well I will close I was going to post a picture of boys and me together Aren't they great looking boys. They are my sweeties. This picture was taken almost 2 years ago at our wedding. I made my dress and the boys all had on purple ties, they where so cute! Till next time, take care and have a good week.

I have been tagged, but I don't have anyone else to tag

I've been tagged by Deb with the "7 things" meme.

Rules: Each person tagged gives 7 random facts about themselves.

Those tagged need to write in their blogs the 7 facts, as well as the rules of the game.

You need to tag 7 others and list their names on your blog.

You have to leave those you plan on tagging a note in their comments so they know that they have been tagged and to read your blog.

Here goes:
1. I want to learn to parachute out of a plane.
2. Ice Cream is my friend, Coffee ice cream
3. I am not a morning person, if you are going to wake me before 7 am then you best have some strong coffee waiting.
4. I bore easily that is why I try to keep busy, I love to sew, quilt and knit.
5. I HATE being RUSHED!
6. I hate being interupted when speaking. It's just plain rude!! I don't interupt others and expect the same respect.
7. I love lilacs, my husband, my boys, my grandsons and daughter in laws!

Now who do I tag? Most everyone I know have been tagged or do not have a blog! What to do!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tired of Being Sick

It has been a week now and I am tired of being sick. I have been having bad headaches for the last 2 weeks but then I woke up on Monday with a horrible sore throat and ear ache and no voice! Then I had to try and make a doctor's appoinment! Have you tried to make a doctors appoinment when everyone is sick, noone can hear you cause you can not talk and the active duty guys have first dips on the doctors appoinments. After half a day I finally got in to see the doc, then it took another half a day to get the meds. No knitting or sewing got done the last few days. I want to go to the beach! Oh the beach, sand in my toes and waves lapping!

I got to see my littlest grandson this weekend Noah! He is really growing and getting to be a little hand full but still a cutie pie, here is a picture of him, we call him cool breeze in this picture. In this picture he is only 3 months. He is almost 4 months now. Love his glasses and smile.

He loves for you to rub his tummy and walk around outside, he is a happy baby most of the time and a big eater! I got the golden shower this weekend even though I thought I had him covered. I have to be more careful next time. I cannot forget my oldest grandson John David, he's a little cutie also.Need to go rest for now. Will post another one of my quilts tomorrow. My purple quilt! Good night boys

Monday, May 14, 2007


I enjoy knitting. I have been knitting off and on now for over 36 years. I am self taught. I haven't taken any classes to learn to knit, but I do ask questions and I have lots of books. I have a spinning wheel that my dear husband gave me in 2005 before we where married. This summer I want to learn to spin correctly. Knitting can be very relaxing. I don't like to be rushed when knitting. I have started knitting socks, doing a little designing, my goal is to sell some of my designs as patterns or finished works. As far as yarn goes my husband keeps saying that he thinks he needs to put support beams under my sewing/craft room. He encourages me to be creative and to do my thing.

The first picture is a picture of a sweater that I knitted for my nephew for his first birthday. I don't remember what pattern I started out with, I tend to start a pattern then change things as I go. I had a hard time finding yarn for a little boy. The yarn had to be very masculine or he wouldn't have been able to wear it! Nothing sissy as I was told. Why there can't be more masculine or boyish stripe yarn out there I don't know, Not brown yarn, I get tired of blue! Boys can wear more than just blue can't they? At least that is what I keep telling everyone. The next picture is a pair of felted booties that I made for my oldest son when he told me that they where pregant. I knew the baby was going to be a boy! Just a feeling I had they thought it was going to be a boy also. I have 3 boys, 3 brothers, I had 2 brother in laws now they are X brother in laws and I now only have 1 brother in law. I already have a 2 year old grandson so something told me this baby was going to be a boy also and he was. My son and daughter in law opted to wait until the baby was born to find out the sex which I was glad of, everyone needs a surprise, I had 3! The little fellow was born in January of 2007. He was a big baby 8 lbs, they named him Noah, he is such a cutie pie. I will get permission to post his picture here from his parents. Anyhow they loved the booties, I don't think he will ever where them though because they would be too small for him now at 3 months. I have knitted him a sweater and a couple of hats which he has worn. I have a couple of more projects waiting to get started for him. Well that is all for now. Still can't seem to get the writting and the picture thing down. If I post pictures first I have a hard time typing and lose the pictures. If I type and then add more than one pictures I have a mess, any suggestions?

Good Afternoon

I am new at blogging so please bear with me as I learn what to do. I am already finding out that I am having a problem with posting and adding pictures. So here goes, bear with me! I enjoy Knitting, Sewing and Quilting and hope to share with you some of my projects in the finished, middle and beggining stages, that is if I can remember to take the pictures.

Today I want to share just a couple of pictures of a couple of quilts that I remembered to take pictures of and gave 2 of my sons Christmast of 2006. The top quilt was made for my oldest son some years ago.
He was surprised that I had actually finished it. I

think it turned out okay, I had problems with the boarders. I couldn't make up my mind what colors to use.
The next quilt, the fish quilt was for my youngest son. I had started this quilt also a few years back. I total took my son off guard when he opened up the present. I couldn't help but to grin because he had no idea what he was getting. I love to mess with them. He had forgotten all about the quilt. I had let him go to the fabric store to picked out all the fabric for the quilt I just decided on the pattern. He didn't understand why it took me so long to pick out fabric for a quilt so he got to find out. We where at the fabric store for a couple of hours. The ladies at the store where friends so they helped him. It is a bright quilt and he loves it so that is all that counts. That is all for now about the quilts. Thanks for stopping by.