Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Exploring VT.

After graduation on Friday afternoon we went site seeing. Our flight wasn't until Monday so we had a couple of days to explore. I had done some exploring on my own during the week but believe it or not I didn't take pictures. I would drop Gene off at school at 8 in the morning then I would have to pick him up by 4! Short day to explore. I am not a morning person so I would have to go back to the room to get ready for the day! I did get to drive around and see the sites. But that will be in the next post. When we went up to VT a friend of Gene's told him to look out for Moose. He said they would just walk out into the road. Well I kept looking and the only thing I saw was Deer! One poor man hit a male deer with a full rack and it tore his poor car up he was okay but the car and the deer bite the dust!

Driving around VT we kept seeing these Moose crossing signs. I made Gene pull over to the side of the road so that I could take a picture of the sign because I knew people in NC wouldn't believe me about the signs. We never did see a live Moose!

Here was another interesting Road sign. Yes I took the picture and Gene had to pull over so I could take it, no we never saw a live bear, not that I didn't keep looking. I don't know what I would have done if I saw one! But I kept looking.

This is a picture of a meadow with sheep grazing. There was white sheep, black sheep, brown sheep, multi color sheep, All I could think about was the beautiful roving and yarn they would make. The sheep hadn't been sheered yet. Gene told me not to get any ideas. I just looked at him! He was reading my mine. I wanted to go find the farmer to see if he had any fleece for sale. No Gene would not go look!

Gene decided we where going to take a short cut we where not going any where in particle, just looking. He had no idea where we where going. The roads where so twisty and small! Two cars could barely go up or down the road. I think I had white knuckles the entire time we where on this short cut. The short cut took us up one side of a mountain then down side then up again. We saw a beautiful waterfall but couldn't stop to get a picture. We thought we might get a picture when coming back. If I had my way we where going to find another way to go back to the hotel! After driving up and down my ears where so plugged up they hurt. I tried drinking water, chewing gum and nothing worked. The mountains where beautiful the trees where in full bloom. I couldn't believe that VT had a bad snow storm just 6 weeks before we got there and it was freezing. They told us it was very unusually for it to be so hot and humid this time of year which was the middle of June.

After about and hour and half of driving and not finding any place to stop so Gene could go to the restroom, not even a gas station! We found this pullover! This is a picture of a marsh that had lots of birds, I saw a turtle but I don't think you can see it. Gene went into the woods! I just prayed no one came by!

This is a picture of a rock with some wild flowers, there was a bunch of butterflies which you can't see. It is strange at home this year I haven't seen many butterflies. I got a butterfly feeder this year for my birthday from Matthew and they still didn't come. I hope next year I can plant a butterfly bush and maybe they will come.

This is just another picture of the rock and butterflies and flowers. It was a beautiful site, so quite!

This is the same marsh I don't know if you can see the beaver damn in the background.

Here is Gene's covered bridge! We drove around for hours looking for a covered bridge. Our directions where not very good. We didn't find the one he was looking for but we found this one. The Covered bridge was in good shape they had done some repairs on it. Gene took about 10 pictures of just the bridge!

Beside the cover bridge was a damn and a bunch of rocks. The water was moving really fast I thought it was neat

Here is a side view of the damn, those are office buildings and a restaurant. I don't think I would like a business there!

this is on the other side of the bridge, the water was calmer, the rocks made it look really nice.

This is a picture of the sky, Gene thought I was crazy for taking it but the clouds where very fluffy and making shapes. I like to watch the clouds and see what shapes they make. I could watch the sky for hours,it is a peaceful feeling.

This is where we stopped to eat. An old timey diner. I got a grilled cheese with tomato sandwich with a frosty root beer. That was so good! Gene got the same thing except he got tea! Oops no sugar!

There was a bunch of shops where we stopped so we went walking through them. Gene had to take a picture of me with this moose. I enjoyed the shopping.

Finally we found a moose or two, made of wood but that was as close as we where going to get to a moose.

here is Geneo smiling finally with the same moose!

Not to bum anyone out but i thought this was a very nice Vietnam Memorial we found at a rest stop in VT!
This is it for this portions. I need to close Hope you enjoyed our little journey. Next I will so into our visit to Fort Ticonderoga and the battle of Carillon. they where having a French and Indian War Celebration when we where there. The Fort is located right of NY. Thanks for stopping by till next time.

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