Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Long time no post

I have been away from my blog for a long while. Not all by choice. Life has been hectic to say the least! May was the last time I posted. That seems like a long time ago. It seems like I have kept a headache for the past 3 months, allergies have been in full force and my legs and lower back have been killing me.
I work a little each day in my room, I am making progress. I decided I needed to go through my fabric again and downsize it. That and I am refolding it so that it will look neater on the shelves. I will give most of the fabric to the Y on post they are still making quilts for kids.
I haven't been going anywhere because of the price of gas. It cost $42. to full up the Honda. Gracious I remember when that was my fuel bill for 2 weeks and I was going back and forth to work and the store, now I might go out one day a week for errands and every 5 weeks I go into Cary. I haven't been to a Bernina meeting since the gas prices went up! I just pray for those that have to go out every day to work! It's a shame that the cost of gas takes up most of your pay check these days.
Gene's hernia operation went okay, but he is still having a little pain from it and he is still a little bloated from it. No more pain medicine for him.
The week of June 20th we did get to go to Vermont for Gene's last week of class before he got his Master's degree. It was a week on the go but it was a change. Vermont is a beautiful state. I didn't care for the roads in the mountains but then I only drove on the smaller mountains. I tooted around a little bit of Vermont by myself. I got lost more than I knew where I was going, I did see alot more of the country side that way. I went to a Maple farm, I didn't get much there, then to a pottery place and I bought 2 pieces there. I will have to take pictures and post them, they are very simple but pretty and usable. Of course I found a yarn store and I think she was happy to see me.
Gene was in class from Monday to Friday but we had to be there on Sunday afternoon. It rained everyday up there except for Wednesday. I got so tired of being wet. There was something going on every night that we had to go to. I was one of a few wives that showed up, the guys just treated me as one of them. I had this big bag that I carried my knitting in plus a book, water, camera, and whatever else I needed. I ended up caring every one's stuff! My poor shoulder. Gene didn't sleep much so neither I. I have pictures of graduation so I will post more about graduation later. Now that he has his master's degree he is going to go on and get his PHD. He asked me if I wanted to go back to school. I always wanted to but I haven't a clue what to study. I haven't a clue what I am good at besides getting into trouble!
On Thursday Gene had a couple of spare hours so we went to Vermont Teddy bears, the chocolate factory (yummy), cheese factory, and to Ben and Jerry's. Of course we got lost and I found a couple of yarn places but we where on a time line and we had to get back to school for a speaker. It seems like every time I found a yarn store or fabric store we had to go somewhere. Oh well I couldn't buy but so much, I have to leave some for someone else.
I have 3 different sweaters in process. I have the back of a man's vest finished, I have the back and 3/4 of a front of a ladies short sleeve pullover done and about half of the front of another women's long sleeve pullover done. I have I think 3 shawls in various stages that I am working on a pair of socks almost done. I just haven't fault like knitting alot lately. Just tired of being tired I guess.
I think I will close for now. I need to take pictures of the sweaters and post them. Hopefully I can get that done this week. No I still haven't hear from Ricky! I have tired I have sent 2 letters but nothing. I just don't understand! Bye for now. Oh year on August 9th I get to tandem jump again. Just pray I don't get sick and that this leg is better!

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