Friday, August 17, 2007

My Birthday Jump August 11

I have been trying to download/upload the video of my parachute jump but without fail. So I have a few pictures of that day.
We arrived at the airfield at 9 am on the 11th. Gene, my son Matthew and Gene's mom was there. This was my first jump! Now many of you may think I am crazy, but the sky has been calling me since I was little and I have always wanted to jump out of a plane! Go figure! I have had a few friends to tell me that I am not right in the head at times. Another my dear husband being in the Army, a Ranger and in Special Forces jumped alot! He knew how much I wanted to jump so for my birthday he arranged for me to jump with John. It was a tandem jump, I was attached to John with some straps! I was walking high all morning! I listen to the teacher as to what we where to do, head back, arc back, legs bent between partners knees or we would spin!
The first picture is of me suited up in the jumpsuit they have you where, John is making sure everything is just right, the next picture is of me waiting, waiting for the plane to come, ah the plane is here and off we go! No butterflies, not scared, I could have skipped all the way there but I contained myself! Now I won't say my heart wasn't beating fast, but I couldn't wait to fly! The next picture is of me sitting on the edge of the plane just as we are to jump out, then out the door we go! Oh so cool! John pops the little shute and we are flying I don't know if you can see the smile on my face in the 7th picture but I was beaming ear to ear! It was more than I could ever ask for! I knew my grandparents where seating on the clouds watching me shaking their heads saying their she goes! It is so hard to explain the feeling I had it was just a total awsome feeling and I will do it again and again! The 8th picture is us coming through the clouds, the scenerly was the best, I hated to land. We landed on our butts, we slid in, totally cool and then you see me walking away still smiling wanting to go again but John was filled up that day! The last picture is of my Birthday Cake, Jets flying through the sky! The boys just shook their heads. When Matthew said the blessing at lunch he said, "Thank you Lord for letting Mommy get closer to you but thank you more for letting her to come down safely" I thought that was sweet of him! I knew I was in good hands. Gene would only let me jump with someone he trusted and John was very good and was a rigger for the Army with many jumps under his belts. The rest of the day I stayed in the clouds and the day after. I can't wait to jump again. The video of the jump is better than the pictures, Gene laughs he says I am going to wear the video out and maybe some day I will get it up on my blog, mean while enjoy the pictures. Thanks for looking.