Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Well I haven't been writing for awhile, with Gene being under the weather and myself. You have heard about bats in the belfry (I think that is how you spell it anyhow we had bats in our garage attic, we had about 20 adult bats and another 30 baby bats, we had to get the batman, yes he was called the batman to come out and clean out the attic! They where creepy! The batman as you can see let the babies crawl over him!
There is a picture of them in the attic, yes they hang upside down! Somehow the screen inside the attic got torn and the bats got in that way! As of last night they are all gone! We have everything screened up! One reason we could have been sick, not to mention the mold under the house on the installation! I have been without a voice for about 5 weeks now! At least I get to go to an ears nose or throat doctor tomorrow. I am not thrilled about having to go have the barren (again misspelled) swollen and X rays. My spelling is really off today!
As I promised just a couple of things that I have knitted, but have not quit finished. This is a purse I started, I have rolled the hem down but now I need to figure out how to attach a handle. I really don't want to poke a hole in the top, it is felted, but I may have too! Still thinking on it
Here is a pair of socks I knitted, I am not happy with them, I did the first sock as the pattern said, but wasn't happy with it so I changed it around a bit. The yarn was too heavy so I guess they can be just worn around the house without shoes on! Then I don't know how long the bottom will last! Maybe I will add something to the bottom of the socks so they don't wear out as quick!
This is one of my favorite quilts that I did, I call it "Purple" it is a million little squares sewed together! I love the yellow in the quilt, I think it makes the quilt. But then the boys say in all the quilts I make there is purple or yellow in it some where!
Here is my barky dog Simon! Lately all he does is bark! I love the dog to death, but how he can bark 3 hours straight I can't figure out. He looks like a friendly dog, he is a teddy bear with me, my husband or my younger son, but don't you dare go in his back yard or come towards any of us. He can be very aggressive towards strangers. He owns the back yard we just keep it cleaned up for him! He lets his little brother, Harley out but he has to get the sniff down when ever we let Harley out. Harley is our second dog, a Bengal colored miniature dachshund.
Last but not least is another picture of my little fellow Noah! He is looking at me like what the heck am I doing! This picture was taken about 2 months ago! The boy is just 4 months old but growing in leaps and bounds. They have in 6 month clothing already. I still think it looks like his dad. But then that is a mom/grandmom opinion. He is still a sweetie.

I think I have posted enough for the day. Let's see what do I have on the sewing machine, I still have my husband's Army quilt and flag quilt! I have my friendship squares to finish and the Christmas exchange squares that are due in July and I am way behind because of not feeling well. On the knitting needles I have a pullover sweater, button down the front sweater, a pair of socks, a sweater for Noah, and 2 shawls. I need to seriously get busy and finish somethings up. Till another day stay cool, enjoy life, smell the flowers and watch out for bats in your yard!